CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) is a program designed to promote healthy eating and active living in school-aged children. CATCH creates a community of health by uniting students, teachers, families, school nutrition staff, and other important players in a child’s life.


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CDC-Model-ImageThe original CATCH study, beginning in 1991, was the largest school-based health promotion study ever conducted in the United States. Since then, research supports that CATCH students have a significant reduction in obesity rates, improved math & reading scores, increased physical activity, and reduced healthcare costs even years after participating in CATCH.

CATCH integrates the CDC’s “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child” model for coordinating healthy messages throughout the school and community. CATCH language for identifying healthy foods- GO, SLOW, and WHOA- is used in schools, homes, and communities across the nation.




Over 10,000 schools and communities across the country are currently implementing CATCH to increase physical activity and healthy food choices. CATCH arms teachers and school staff with the tools they need to support an environment conducive to physical activity and healthy options, and arms students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices.


For more information about the CATCH program and how to implement it in YOUR school, call the Hult Center at 309-692-6650.


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