Adolescent Health Program: Transition Care/Health Literacy

What Does Health Literacy Mean?

Health literacy means how well you understand your own health, and how your body works. People become more health literate when they receive health education, but also when they are empowered to ask questions to their healthcare provider about what they don’t understand. Health literacy helps teach people self-care, how to navigate the healthcare system, and when they need to ask for more help!

How to Promote Health Literacy with Your Child

There are many skills you can teach a young person to build their health literacy, and in the end impact their ability to speak up about their own health! Here are a few examples:

What is Transition Care for Adolescents?

Transition Care is a way to make sure young people are ready to independently navigate their own healthcare. The process involves adults and healthcare providers working with youth early on to help them learn what they need to know about their health and their needs, and provide support in becoming more independent. Ideally, every young person should be able to handle their own health care by the time they are 22.

Looking for More?

Got Transition is a resource for youth, families, and even health care providers about how to best support young people in Transition Care.

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