Support Groups

Our support groups bring people with similar diagnoses together to share experiences, exchange information and build a network of support.  They are open to anyone who is affected by or knows someone affected by cancer and are available free of charge.  Click here to learn more about our variety of support groups or contact our counselor to help you determine which group is best for you.



Our Registered Dietitians are a resource for anyone who is concerned with cancer prevention, is currently undergoing treatment, or is combating long-lasting side effects.  We are able to provide nutritional counseling, healthy cooking classes and nutritional seminars. To learn more about why speaking with a dietitian is important and how it can help you, click here. 



Massage therapy can help you integrate body and mind, while also finding relaxation and relief in an environment of acceptance.  Our massage therapy is specifically for those affected by cancer.  If you would like to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy, our certified massage therapists, or details on scheduling an appointment, click here. 



Healthy living classes are an important way to help promote an overall balance of body, mind and spirit.  They can help to enhance the quality of life and health of those affected by cancer, contributing to the healing process.  We provide a range of classes including aerobics, strength training, yoga, tai ji, pilates, and aquatics.  Click here for a description and schedule of our classes. Our classes are free to cancer survivors and their caregivers.  There is a $5 drop-in fee for the general public to attend each class. We do not require an RSVP.  Participants should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time of the class.



There are countless resources to help improve your mind, body and spirit connection. We offer a variety of educational seminars and workshops where you can learn new ways to improve your overall wellness. Our topics include lymphedema, art therapy, meditation, and guided imagery.


Special Workshops:

Reflexology Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshop
Tai Ji Retreat
Cooking Demonstrations/Nutrition Presentations

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