Reducing your risk for cancer can be achieved in many ways, but ultimately, it centers on the health and well-being of your body. Research shows there are three major components to cancer prevention: diet, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight. Eating a nutrient rich, well-balanced diet that limits or avoids calorie-dense foods and sugary beverages while also participating in 30 minutes or more of moderate physical activity every day, and maintaining a healthy weight can aid cancer prevention.


Cancer prevention guidelines for nutrition have been developed based on research. Learn more about these guidelines by attending one of our Healthy Cooking Demonstrations. These demonstrations walk you through each step in preparing a healthy meal including the preparation of an appetizer, entrée, side dishes, and a dessert. Samples are provided for each dish prepared. Information for the Healthy Cooking Demonstrations will be provided on our website and in our newsletter.


Click here to view past cooking demonstration videos. 


Past cooking demonstration recipes can be accessed by clicking here. 


As a way to reduce your risk of certain cancers learn how to follow a more plant based diet by using our HCHL Plant Based Eating Toolkit. This toolkit provides basic information on the benefits of plant based eating, along with easy to follow steps on how to incorporate this into your lifestyle. A 3 day menu with tasty recipes and a grocery list are also included.


Our cancer prevention series provides resources to guide you on your journey to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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