Health Education Theatres



Health education comes alive in our five spacious theatres.  Participants are able to see and hear larger-than-life electronic displays, audio-visual presentations, and explore interactive models.  The multi-sensory input experience of our classrooms not only improves retention, but it does it in an exciting and unique way.  Consider our classrooms a resource available for your students in central Illinois and an interesting experience with few facilities like it in the Midwest.

Our classrooms include:

General Health

general health



Family Life

family life





We also have special theme months!  Throughout the year, Hult focuses on three different areas in addition to our regular classes. Additional activities and take-home materials add to our presentation, making it more fun to learn for you and your students.  Call and register for these special programs offed only during these months.


If you have a special needs class, we are able to tailor our programs to fit the needs of your class and/or students.


For more info contact call (309)692-6650.


What teachers say about the Hult Center for Healthy Living’s programs:


“Our school is always looking for educational field trips to engage our students in learning.  The trip to your Center has been one of the best…I will be able to refer to information you presented when we cover it in class.  We were all impressed with the classrooms.  What a tremendous facility for the public schools to use.”


“I always feel Hult is one place where I can take my students and know they will be understood and treated as the ‘blossoming’ individuals they are!”