Kids Konnected

Kids Konnected is a support group for kids and teens that meets under the leadership of professionals to provide support, friendship, and education to children and teens whose parents, grandparents, or caregivers have or had cancer. The meetings and activities are facilitated by a master’s level professional that helps children, teens, and adults share their feelings and receive support from others.

Kids Konnected hosts free family events throughout the year for kids whose lives have been affected by a parent, grandparent, or significant caregiver with a past or present cancer diagnosis.

Cancer does not just touch the person with the diagnosis, but rather the whole family. Family members – both immediate and extended – are often the first people we turn to for emotional and practical support when life gets tough.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 5, 2019 – 10AM-Noon – Emotion Locomotion: Meditation Skills for Emotional Regulation
UnityPoint Health – Methodist Hospital, Room G303 (3rd Floor via Glen Oak elevators)
221 NE Glen Oak Ave., Peoria, IL

For more information, please call Greta at 309-672-5785 or email at