About Mental Health Programs


Who we are

The Hult Center for Healthy Living’s mental health programming is here to help youth and adults better understand mental illness and give them instruction on how to seek help. This is done by raising mental health awareness and reducing stigma through education.


What we do

We offer mental health programs for middle and high school age students.  These programs provide awareness and tangible suicide prevention methods that help identify symptoms of depression in oneself or a friend/family member/co-worker and to take action when faced with mental health concerns. They also increase self-efficiency and access to mental health services for at-risk adults, youth and their families.


How many we serve

We present to a variety of schools and groups throughout central Illinois, averaging close to 2,000 youth and adults every year.


Who provides the services

Our dedicated team includes Mental Health Educators and Prevention Specialists.


What we offer

We teach youth and adults how to recognize warning signs of depression and possible suicide crisis and to respond by connecting the individual with help. Our goal is to reduce the stigma of mental illness by raising awareness by partnering with schools and community-based organizations.