Youth Mental Health First Aid:

Mental Health First Aid



SOS (Signs of Suicide):

Youth Suicide Prevention Program offered to students in grades 5-12. This one day program is designed to teach students how to identify the symptoms of depression and suicidality in themselves and others and how to get the help they need. SOS consists of a factual presentation built from an award-winning, nationally recognized, evidence-based program called “Signs of Suicide,” which encourages help-seeking through the use of the ACT model (Acknowledge, Care, and Tell) and an interactive activity designed to help students recognize that suicide is not the answer. Students are taught to recognize the signs of distress in either themselves or a friend, and to respond effectively. Students also learn about the support services available at school and in the community.


Youth Mental Health Matters:

Grades 6-9.This program is provided through collaboration between the Hult Center for Healthy Living and the Center for Prevention of Abuse to provide mental health education and awareness for students. The program covers a variety of mental health topics and also provides the opportunity for students to request additional counseling services.  Sessions vary by grade level and include a variety of topics:

  • 6th grade: Two day program covering the topics of anger management, conflict resolution, & bullying
  • 7th grade: Two day program covering the topics of suicide & depression
  • 8th grade: Three day program covering the topics of self-esteem, body image & eating disorders, as well as self-reflection & trust building
  • 9th grade: Two day program covering the topics of bullying, depression, addiction, positive coping skills, & cyber-bullying

One important component of the program is the provision of an outreach mental health counselor who acts as a “safety net” for students who indicate a need for counseling. This mental health counselor works with school counselors to ensure that any students who are struggling will get the help they need.


Social Emotional Learning:

Grades 1-6.  This program is customizable for each school and utilizes the PATHS (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) curriculum to provide age-appropriate education in a variety of topics in order to promote social and emotional competence and reduce behavior problems in young children.  Areas of focus vary by grade level and include a variety of topics including: building empathy, emotion management, problem solving, manners, friendship skills, self-control, enhancing organizational skills, respecting others, and bullying prevention.  Number and length of sessions varies by school.


Mental Health Screenings are offered free of charge online through the Hult Center for Healthy Living.  To use our online screening program, click here Mental Health Screening.  For more information on our numerous screenings, click here.