Hult Center

Hult Center for Healthy Living

The Hult Center for Healthy Living is Peoria’s premier non-profit provider of comprehensive health education and wellness services for people of all ages.  We serve the communities of Central Illinois through our health education programs, senior programs, mental health programs, and oncology programs and services.

In 2013, 5,000+ individuals participated in our healthy living classes.  These programs include Healthy Heroes, Life Begins, and Heart Adventure, to name a few.  Our health education classes are done in-house and by outreach to various school locations.

Our friendly senior programs, such as Seniors on the Go, offers monthly educational and social meetings for active seniors.  In 2013, over 125 seniors were served monthly by this program.

Through our Mental Health programming, we strive to promote mental health awareness in Central Illinois.  We help those who struggle with mental illness to better understand how and when to ask for help by raising awareness and reducing stigma through community-based, recovery-oriented education.  We also help with linkage and referrals to community providers.

In 2013, our oncology programs and services made a positive impact in 6,624 lives.  We offer services for individuals with a cancer diagnosis, survivors, and caregivers.  These services range from massages to support groups to programs for kids and families affected by cancer.

Over 61,000 members of Central Illinois were served by the Hult Center for Healthy Living in 2013.  As we continue to grow and offer new programs and services to the community, our goal will continue to be to “empower people to live healthier lives.”

You will find more information about each of our programs on this website.  If you have any questions, please contact the Hult Center for Healthy Living at 309-692-6650.