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Hult Center for Healthy Living Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to get involved with the Hult Center for Healthy Living, such as volunteering?  Click here for more information!


Hult Center for Healthy Living Observation Opportunities

Are you a part of a college program that requires student observations? We would be happy to have you come and observe a class or program at the Hult Center for Healthy Living.  Please follow the link below, fill out the information, and we will contact you to set up an observation time. 

CLICK HERE to sign up to observe.


Hult Center for Healthy Living Events

 Click here to see a list of our events!


Stay in the loop by checking out HCHL in the news.  Don’t forget to check out our bi-monthly newsletters for the latest happenings!


As we continue to grow in the community and add new programs and services, we are always looking for new participants and ways to involve those who support us!  Feel free to contact us at 309-692-6650 with how you’d like to get involved!