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Hult Center for Healthy Living offers a variety of programs and trainings for teachers and staff. To inquire about a training opportunity, please email info@hulthealthy.org, or call (309) 692-6650.

Mental & Social-Emotional Wellness Programs:

QPR: Question, Persuade, Refer: Youth and Adults. This evidence-based suicide prevention training will train individuals to identify suicidal behaviors and save lives through innovative, practical, and proven strategies for recognizing the signs of crisis. *In-house & Outreach

Suicide Prevention Programming: Youth and Adults. This program will help train individuals on suicide prevention best practices and local and national resources. Individuals will learn to identify suicidal behaviors and save lives through innovative, practical, and proven strategies for recognizing the signs of crisis. *In-house & Outreach

Suicide Prevention & Postvention Best Practices & Policies: Adults, specifically administrators and support staff for middle and high schools, as well as higher learning institutions. This one-on-one consultation will walk participants through suicide prevention and postvention best practices with a particular focus on preventing suicides and copycat suicides. Hult staff will help participants identify strategies to reduce the risk of suicide among their population, resources within the school setting and outside of the school setting, and ensure best practices are considered in the event of a suicide. The consultation typically lasts for one hour. *In-house & Outreach

Youth Mental Health First Aid:  Adults. An interactive training designed to teach adults how to help youth experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge, or what to do if the school-aged child is in crisis. Topics covered include: anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including ADHD), and eating disorders. Training is 8 hours, and can be conducted for 10-30 individuals. Pricing varies depending on training date, location, and number of participants. *In-house & Outreach

 Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs:

FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health) Protocol: Adults. This interactive training will equip staff with the tools and knowledge needed to answer questions in a safe and supportive way, while maintaining comprehensive standards of a best-practice sexual health education intervention. This program demonstrates how to answer different types of questions that arise during sex education programs, including personal questions and value-based questions. The training is most beneficial to any staff looking to expand support for sexual health, working within school or institution that provides sexual health education. Typically a one hour session. *In-house & Outreach

Safe and Supportive Environments (SSE): Adults. This program uses guided-principals from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Division of Adolescent Health Safe and Supportive Environments. The goal of the training is to develop skills that will support adults is fostering environments where teens can gain fundamental health knowledge and skills, establish healthy behaviors for a lifetime, and connect to health services. A positive social and emotional school climate promotes health, growth, and development. Typically a one hour session *In-house or Outreach

Safe Zone Training: Adults. This program can be adapted to fit the needs of staff. Safe Zone trainings are opportunities to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege. The goal of the training is to develop more aware staff and welcoming, supportive spaces for all individuals within your school or institution. Typically a one hour session *In-house or Outreach

 Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs:

CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health): This evidence-based program is proven to prevent childhood obesity through the Coordinated School Health model and the CDC Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model in which health education, school environment, and family/community involvement work together to support youth in a healthy lifestyle. This model addresses the fact that health is complex, and improving child health means support from a variety of partners. CATCH training allows your school to action plan the changes needed to create a healthy environment, and create a system of sustainable support for students and staff! This ongoing program may involve multiple trainings. *Outreach

Marijuana Resource Page:

Marijuana use is the hot new topic! Click the link to access our marijuana resources page: https://www.hulthealthy.org/marijuana-resources-page/

Resources to Support Teachers’ Wellness:

Prevent T2: Diabetes Prevention Programs: This nationally recognized, evidence-based program is proven to prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes. T2 is a year-long lifestyle change program that supports individuals in modest lifestyle changes to help reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes by more than half. There are 16 group sessions held weekly during Phase One.  Monthly sessions are held during Phase Two for the remainder of the calendar year. Contact Hult Center to start or join a cohort today! *Primarily In-house, but can be adapted to Outreach.

Professional Organizations to Stay Connected With:

ASHA: American School Health Association http://www.ashaweb.org

The American School Health Association was founded as the American Association of School Physicians in 1927, by physicians of the American Public Health Association. The mission of the American School Health Association is to transform all schools into places where every student learns and thrives. Resources, advocacy, conferences and more can be found through ASHA.

SHAPE America: Society of Health and Physical Educators https://www.shapeamerica.org/

With a strong focus towards supporting physical activity, SHAPE America provides “programs, resources and advocacy that supports an inclusive, active, kinder, and healthier school culture and champion health and physical educators at every level.”

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