Hult Center for Healthy Living Awarded Grant Funds from Community Foundation of Central Illinois

Hult Center for Healthy Living, Inc. is excited to announce two new grant awards from Community Foundation of Central Illinois.

  • 2022 Women’s Fund Grant: Since 1996, the Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Illinois has been working to change the lives of women and children in central Illinois. The Women’s Fund endowment strengthens families and communities by providing grants to organizations whose programs help empower women and girls. Surprisingly, less than five percent of charitable contributions go towards funding women’s programs. Through 2020, the Women’s Fund endowment has awarded more than 130 grants adding up to more than $440,000 to benefit programs focusing on women and girls. The Women’s Fund continues to bring women’s issues to the forefront in Central Illinois. Hult Center for Healthy Living was awarded $5,000 to educate 756 young girls through Empowering Young Girls – Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Education. This program helps strengthen girls’ knowledge about their body and health, develop an understanding of local resources, understand who to talk to if they have questions, as well as empower young girls to live a healthy life. Girls who complete this program will feel more empowered and be knowledgeable about their rights and resources. The program provides youth with the conditions to lead a healthier life through the development of a strong knowledge about how their bodies work and resources they can utilize as they continue to grow. The targeted approach for recruitment of participants increases the likelihood that those areas who are usually most at risk for sexual and reproductive health issues will receive the education to help lower the likelihood that this level of health issue will continue.
  • 2022 Community Needs Grant: Hult Center for Healthy Living was awarded $15,000 to support Comprehensive Suicide Prevention which will take a holistic approach across the lifespan to address suicide in the community. To establish this, Hult Center’s team of Health Education Specialists and Clinical Mental Health Consultant will “upstream” suicide prevention approaches directed towards elementary-age children, families, and schools through social emotional learning programs and trainings.

To learn more about these two new opportunities, please visit our grants & discounts page, explore our programs & services, or reach out to our team here.

Hult Center for Healthy Living’s team would like to thank Community Foundation of Central Illinois for their continued support of Hult Center for Healthy Living and our community partner agencies who help to “make a sustainable philanthropic impact in our community through visible leadership in connecting people who care with causes that matter.” You can learn more about Community Foundation of Central Illinois’s history, vision, and mission here.