Including E-Cigarettes in Smoke-Free Policies


The Smoke-Free Illinois Act requires that most indoor public places and places of employment must be completely smoke-free inside and within 15 feet from entrances, exits, windows that open and ventilation intakes. The Illinois Tobacco-Free Communities program works with the community to enforce the Smoke-Free Illinois Act and to advocate for and assist in the development of extended, comprehensive strategies to address areas where people can live, work, and play.

This year, the Illinois Tobacco Free Communities team is looking to address the issue of e-cigarette use in public places. Secondhand aerosol from e-cigarettes, which can be breathed in by anyone by the person using the device, has some of the same harmful chemicals that are also found in cigarette smoke. You can make a statement about protecting the health of the community by disallowing the use of e-cigarettes inside public places and places of employment where secondhand aerosol could harm others.

Any place covered under the Smoke-Free Illinois Act (most indoor public places and places of employment) can voluntarily choose to add a ban of e-cigarette use to their smoke-free policy. We can assist in updating a current policy and providing signage at no cost.

We have a team of dedicated Illinois Tobacco-Free Communities partners committed to improving policies throughout the Tri-County region. If you are interested in developing and implementing a stronger tobacco-free policy, please contact us:

This message was made possible by funds received from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Written by Health Education Specialist, Jessica Johnson, BS, CHES

December 1, 2020