Hult Center for Healthy Living and the School-Based Health Centers are proud to employ Registered Dietitians on our team of professional staff.

What is a Registered Dietitian?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are food and nutrition experts that studied nutrition during school. Studying nutrition earned them a degree and license to become an RDN. Since they went to school for nutrition, they can help others with their food and nutrition. Registered dietitians can work in many different settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, schools, and fitness centers.

What does a Registered Dietitian Do?

What a registered dietitian does depends on where the RDN is working. Some responsibilities include giving advice and tips on nutrition to others, teaching large groups on nutrition topics, making individual meal plans, making menus for schools and hospitals, and so much more. All RDNs work on helping others reach their health and nutrition goals by educating and giving advice.

What would a meeting with a Registered Dietitian look like?

The first appointment with an RDN is about getting to know each other better. The RDN may ask you some questions about your habits such as, “what kind of foods do you like? How often do you eat? What do you want to change with your diet or health?” It is normal for an RDN to ask you to fill out a food log to see what kinds of things you eat, if you are comfortable. Once the RDN understands more about you and why you came to see them, they will create a plan to help reach your goals.

How do I set up a meeting for my child with a Dietitian?

Your child must be enrolled in the In-School Health Clinics in order to meet with a Registered Dietitian. Any student who attends Peoria Public Schools can enroll in the clinics, which are located inside of Trewyn School, Manual Academy, and Peoria High. Once enrolled, your child or you can schedule an appointment through the clinic.

How do I enroll my child in the In-School Health Clinics?

Stop by the Peoria High School, Manual Academy, or Trewyn Middle School office to get a clinic consent form or call their school office to request a consent form by mail. Return the consent form to the school to complete your enrollment. To receive an enrollment form by mail, contact our team.