Thank you, Heart of Illinois United Way!

Hult Center for Healthy Living was awarded grant funding through Heart of Illinois United Way’s Community Impact Fund.

Hult Center for Healthy Living is a Heart of Illinois United Way partner agency. This year our team is excited to announce that Hult Center for Healthy Living was awarded six grants through the HOI United Way’s Community Impact Fund to support a variety of programs and services designed to “empower people to live healthier lives.”

Tell Me More…

Each year, our local Heart of Illinois United Way holds an annual campaign to raise funds to support our community. You can learn more about that here. With those funds, Heart of Illinois United Way invests in Education, Financial Stability, and Health Programs.  Hult Center helps to support the campaign each year as a Pacesetter– in other words, our team raises funds to help set the pace to kick off the annual fundraising efforts. Remember? This is when we locked the bosses in their offices until they raised enough “bail” money. The loser, our Executive Director, Andrea Parker was pied in the face! You can watch that video on our Facebook page (September 9th).

Now what?

With our new grant awards from Heart of Illinois United Way’s Community Impact Fund, our team is busy as ever planning, implementing, and evaluating those programs and services. Those include:

  • Adolescent Health Empowerment Program
    This program empowers adolescents ages 12-18 to manage their changing health needs through a blend of in-person and e-learning health education while encouraging students to access in-school health services where available. To learn more about this program please email us.
  • Oncology Nutrition
    Hult Center’s Registered Dietitians provide nutrition consultations to adult patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Services include customized medical nutrition treatment plans, in addition to providing clients with resources, recipes, and samples of oral nutrition supplements as needed. Thanks to these funds, patients receive these services at no cost. To learn more about this program please email us.
  • Sex Ed COACHES
    The Sex Ed. COACHES program, which stands for Collaborative Organizes Approach to Comprehensive Health Education and Support, assists area schools with student and educator self-assessments then provides a customized action plan, including e-learning modules and in-person support to implement sexual health education. The overall goal is to offer a multi-faceted framework to build the capacity of schools to independently implement these subjects without solely relying ion community partners to teach for them. In other words, schools will be able keep these topics a constant conversation and offer safer spaces overall for our young people. To learn more about this program please email us.
  • WELL Wellness Education & Lifestyle Learning
    This program focuses on increasing knowledge and healthy behaviors among youth ages 8-17 to reduce the community’s high rates of obesity and diabetes through preventive care screenings and well-child visits. Hult Center’s team of Health Education Specialists will offer one-on-one health coaching at no cost to adolescents who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes (overweight, obese). To learn more about this program please email us.
  • Your Amazing Body!
    Program expands Pre-K students’ social-emotional development and health literacy through interactive classroom-based education based on understanding and appreciation for the body systems such as heart, brain, lungs, senses, and social-emotional learning while introducing core concepts, including health literacy, science, math, and vocabulary.  This year, our team is working with Peoria County Bright Futures, Tazewell-Woodford Head Start, and Valeska Hinton. Also supporting this program is PNC Grow Up Great and UnityPoint Health – Central Illinois. Thanks to these funders, all three schools will receive Your Amazing Body at no cost! To learn more about this program please email us.
  • Youth Mental Health Matters
    This program supports mental and social-emotional health by providing students and supporting adults with knowledge, skills, and resources needed to foster healthy social-emotional development and a foundation for good mental health. Hult Center’s team will provide classroom-based education to schools serving low-income students, parent/caregiver workshops called, Healthy Minds, Healthy Neighborhoods, and teacher/staff training and education to support social-emotional development for students. Hult Center’s team is also working closely with Lifting Up, LLC to create more trauma-informed learning environments and early identification and resources for youth affected by trauma. To learn more about this program please email us.

How can I learn more about those programs and services?

Great question! Our team would love to tell you more about what we do! Please give us a call at (309) 692-6650 or email and we will connect you with the appropriate program coordinator(s) for the programs and services you are interested in.

But most importantly: Help us say “Thanks!” to Heart of Illinois United Way.

The process for being able to fund these programs and services for Hult Center for Healthy Living and our community partner agencies is extensive. Not only does HOI United Way raise the funds with support from our community, they also facilitate a three year grant funding cycle from accepting grant applications, reviewing and scoring those applications, to finally allocating funds to partner agencies. Heart of Illinois United Way then serves as a continuing resource to every partner agency during the 3-year funding period to ensure each agency is set up for success and continuously improving programs and services provided. If you see an HOI United Way staff member, board member, volunteer, or donor- say THANK YOU on behalf of Hult Center for Healthy Living and our community partner agencies for helping us build a stronger and healthier community.